Saturday, September 21, 2019

The 4th Internet of Things Summit, SMX SM Aura

I was fortunate enough to get invited to this year’s Internet of Things (IoT) Summit at SMX SM Aura, Taguig. It was my first time to attend this event and this year is about the adoption of IPv6 protocol and 5G technology. This year is also the 2nd IPv6 + 5G Global Summit. I’m surprised to know that India is the leading country in Asia when it comes to the adoption of the latest protocol, IPv6.
I’ve seen a lot of exhibitors in this summit and learned new technologies. There’s the usual 3D printer company and Samsung has a booth that displays their latest WiFi routers for Business/Enterprise customers. There’s a robot that’s very interesting, a home-innovation tech and a hologram-projection software company. It’s nice to attend seminars like this. It helps me keep up with the latest in technology and the Internet.
Again, my gratitude to Evy Raquion of IOT Summit PH for the invitation.

Friday, September 13, 2019

IPv6 and 5G technology to feature in the 4th Internet of Things Summit 2019

Manila, Philippines, The biggest Internet experts gathering will convene at the 4th IoT Summit PH which is co-located with the 2nd IPv6 + 5G Global Summit on a two-day event in Manila on September 18-19, 2019 at SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City.

The co-located events is made possible in collaboration with Internet Things (IoT) Summit PH, IPv6 Forum Philippines and the IEEE 5G . It will showcase tech-based companies and start-ups at the exhibits while also offering professionals and participants the chance to meet and talk with international tech experts at the conference proper.
This year, the 4th IoT Exhibition and conference will focus on 5G and IPv6 implementations, deployment strategies, and challenges met among participating countries. The speakers are 5G and IoT experts coming from Asia & Europe headed by the President of the Global IPv6 Forum and IEEE 5G IoT, Mr. Latif Ladid.
Devices and services enabled by IoT is expected to hit a major surge as the tech world and researchers work around the impending saturation of IPv4 address, as more and more smart gadgets connect to the internet daily. The development of 5G networks together with the IPv6 is expected to push international tech innovators to deploy new ways of accessing the internet and implementing IoT services.
The IoT Summit Ph is an annual gathering of tech-based entrepreneurs, researchers, and professionals where they scout for exciting new ventures and development in cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of competition and prepare for new business horizons.
“5G over IoT will power the next internet. With the implementation and deployment of IPv6, the network infrastructure will benefit the global connectivity and it’s a good start for the Philippines as we are being valued by our global alliance in this initiative to make the Philippines ready for the future” said Medel Ramirez, President of IPv6 Forum Philippines.
“We also want to present the importance of 5G in of Internet of Things, it is more than a technology but it is a backbone for IoT applications such as Virtual Reality, Smart Cities, Smart Homes and others” according to Elaine Cedillo added, the Founder and Project of IoT Summit Philippines.
5G will become mainstream, and businesses need to start now with developing and reimagining services and products to leverage 5G's superior capabilities and that includes the IoT deployment, Cedillo added.
The 4th IoT Summit PH is organized by Redwizard Events Technology, in partnership with IEEE 5G IoT and IPv6 Forum Philippines and supported by PLDT Enterprise.
This year, IoT Summit PH will also conduct network engineering workshops previously offered abroad in partnership with Sixcape.. The training is comparable to Cisco CCNA, but all related to IPv6.
IoT and IPv6 + 5G Global Summit aims to promote and empower IoT ecosystem and 5G Adaptation in the Philippines. Interested participants can take advantage of the Early bird rate promos and discounts for groups or corporate, and are also available for a limited time.
For more info, you may visit their website at You can also check out, or For further inquiries, you may contact the Redwizard Events Secretariat at (02) 2189023 or at 09209734926 and 09179048777.

Friday, October 21, 2016

myPhone’s my85 DTV: A Piece of Junk

I really felt sorry for buying a myPhone smartphone particularly the my85 DTV. It has all these great specs and all like it’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 1.3GHz Quad-Core, 1GB RAM (memory) and 8 GB internal storage but these all goes down the drain because I can’t utilize it.

First, for some strange reason, Facebook Messenger is not working. I’ve already uninstalled, re-installed, updated my Google Play app and download the latest FB Messenger App, but for some weird reason, it really won’t work. Either it will give you an error whenever you launched it or will just give a blank message screen.

Second, it keeps telling me that it lacks memory to the point that it can’t event save a screenshot. However, when you check the disk space in Settings, Storage or if you use Ccleaner, it will show that you’re only using half of the 8 GB internal storage and half of the 8 GB MicroSD card that I placed.

Third, it’s slow. I played Clash Royale and it’s slow. I played Star Wars Commander and it’s also slow.

Lastly, the camera takes forever to focus. Plus, the quality is not that great (although the specs told you it’s 13MP Auto-Focus Main Camera and 5MP Front Camera.

myPhone my85 DTV is currently priced at P3,000 but I highly suggest that you skip this phone to your choices. It’s definitely not worth buying this piece of crap.

myPhone my85 DTV Specs

2016-10-17 02.28.06

2016-10-17 05.05.05

Stuck on this screen after it made an automatic update. Just a sec…

storage space

Current storage space according to Ccleaner

2016-10-21 09.56.03

2016-10-21 11.19.34

Facebook Messenger keeps on crashing on myPhone’s my85 DTV smartphone

2016-10-17 19.59.46

Error when playing DomiNations

I also tried to move some of the apps from phone storage to the microSD card but it’s also saying it’s full, although it only consumed about 4-5GB (out of 8GB).

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Facebook Gameroom

Facebook released a new software today designed for gaming – Gameroom. I’m still checking it out but so far, it’s nice that Facebook created this to synchronized all the games we’re playing on their site.

Download and install Facebook Gameroom today.

Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.42.03Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.44.25Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.44.38Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.44.51Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.44.59Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.45.29Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.45.40Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.45.52Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.46.38Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.48.13Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.48.30Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.49.00Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.49.49Screenshot 2016-10-19 17.51.05

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I am hesitant to believe that the recent purchase of SMC telco assets by Smart/PLDT and Globe will improve the quality of Internet service in the country but I’m hoping I’m wrong.

I hope this recent development will help resolve the issue of #SlowInternetPH and to provide #InternetForAll Filipinos.